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December Midlife Newsletter

Carol Watkins

I am a work/life success coach with a passion for coaching energetic midlifer’s in transition. My mission is to provide tools for those entering their next chapter as they turn their visions into realities -- whether changing careers, exploring talents, or giving back to the community.

Discovering Your Own Inner Genius 

 “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein
Has anyone ever told you you’re a genius? It’s true. Don’t believe me?
Think back to your childhood. Remember the time you invented a new game, turned that cardboard box into a magical fort, or imagined yourself singing on stage with your favorite band? You created something out of thin air.
Pretty genius right?
Do you still do that? Use your creative genius to solve problems and come up with innovative ideas?
On the other hand, have you ever talked yourself out of pursuing something you really wanted because you were convinced you lacked the creativity or told yourself, “I’m just not a creative person.” Many of us have lost touch with our creative genius.
The good news is our imagination is never far away – it just needs a nudge every once in a while to resurface.
How do you reconnect with your inner creative genius?
Here are 4 steps to help you free your imagination and rediscover your inner creative genius.
1. Play. Pick up some crayons or paint, stickers, colored pipe cleaners, Play Doh, old magazines, scissors, glue and a large piece of construction paper. Spread it all out on the floor and make a mess. Sketch, draw, paint. Be free to express whatever you feel.
Or maybe dancing is your thing. Or ping pong. Or skipping rope. No problem – do whatever it takes to loosen up the old noodle.
2. Learn from the experts. Think of the most creative and imaginative people you know. Study them. Interview them to learn about their creative process. What inspires them? What do they do when they feel stuck or lack focus or confidence?
Watch how children play and interact with each other. You’ll get great insight into how to access your own imagination. They’ll also let you know in no uncertain terms what’s fun (and what’s not!).
3. Get out. The theory of gravity wasn’t conceived inside the lab or an office. It happened in that iconic moment when Newton sat under the shade of a tree and observed a falling apple. Would a change of scenery help with your inspiration?
4. Ask questions. After the famous apple fell, Newton posed several questions, why did it fall down and not up or to this side or that? Posing the question ‘what if’ is a great way to trigger creative juices. It makes your brain consider alternatives to the status quo.
Developing your imagination is a great way to tap into your creative inner genius.
The next time you find yourself saying, “I’m just not a creative person” remember that creative genius is not reserved for a select few – all you have to do is play your way to it – how fun is that?



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How to Live Forever
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Marc Freedman, expert and best-selling author, explores the meaning of life after 50 with Dr Nancy Morrow-Howell, director of the Friedman Center for Aging.

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: St Louis Community College,  Meramec Campus
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Are you looking for ways to "give back" in retirement?  Wondering how you'll use your time meaningfully?  In this workshop we will look at ways to recycle and revive your dreams while rethinking your opportunities through volunteering.
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