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Struggling With a Transition? Time to Change Your Approach

Transitions are the best times to look at how you are running your life.

These are life transitions. Difficult yet normal times in the course of our lives. They can feel like a ton of bricks hitting you at once, or that you are walking through a fog unsure of what is ahead or where you are going. How do I close this chapter of my life? What is ahead? And not knowing or feeling unsure, the feeling that you are walking on unfamiliar and unsteady ground becomes its own problem.

To Be Happy Now, Live Like You’re Already Retired

Why wait until you’re retired to do all the things that can make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled? Instead, start now. Here’s how to live like you’re retired, even when you’re not.

The poet Mary Oliver never worked an interesting job in her life, just as she wanted it. Her fear was that it would take away valuable time and energy from her true passion — writing poetry.

Will You Live Until Age 100?

Why it's so important to think about how long you might live.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a tragic reminder that death can strike when we least expect it. When Pamela Addison’s 44-year-old speech pathologist husband Martin got sick with COVID, Pamela never envisioned that a mere 26 days later she would be a young widow raising her two-year-old daughter and six-month-old son on her own. And fans of the band Fountains of Wayne were devastated to learn that frontman Adam Schlesinger succumbed to the virus, at just 52 years old.

It’s Time to Change How We Talk about ‘Retirement,’ Starting with the Word Itself

Let’s retire the word retirement, which conjures images of rocking chairs and sunsets. Today, it’s all about achieving “vocational freedom,” a place where work is optional and life is an adventure.

Kevin and Sara were a young couple in their early 30s passionate about the outdoor lifestyle and living life to the fullest. They had reached a point where they were ready to engage with a professional financial adviser to help guide them through their life full of future adventures.

How to Make Inner Chatter Work for You

Most nights by the time I get into bed, I am totally exhausted. It doesn't take long after my head hits the pillow for me to fall into a deep sleep.

But there are times that I hear a blaring voice interrupting me just as I am about to doze off. It wants to start a conversation with me when all I want to do is sleep. I'd tell the voice I don't want to talk now, but it's not coming from one of my kids, a noisy neighbor or my bed partner/husband. The voice is my own, resonating inside my head. Thoughts begin to cloud my mind, questions from the mundane to the catastrophic.

COVID Has Made Me Question My Competence

Our health and happiness weren’t enough. Now, things no longer seem simple or obvious.

Recently, I did something I haven't done in more than two years: I booked an airline flight. Diligently, I studied my options. Checked and rechecked that there would be enough time to make the (unavoidable) connecting flight. Made sure I had the right dates. When the screen booted up seating options, I quickly checked a window seat, thinking, Oh good, I can look out at the sky.

.Retirement Is Like a Rorschach Test

A message to the 10,000 Boomers who retire every day.

Retirement is like a Rorschach test for aging: We project our fears and dreads onto it. And we project our unfulfilled wishes and fantasies onto it too. Both are carried by unconscious figures, which I call shadow characters

Think you’re ready to retire? It’s not as simple as you might think

7 tips for a smooth landing

Leaving a full-time career isn’t as easy as it sounds. Once you retire, especially if it’s from a high–powered career, the phone literally stops ringing (or the emails and texts stop pinging, as one retired CEO described it). People don’t always realize how much of who they are is tied up with their work.