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How to Find Hope During a Career Crisis

How do you stay hopeful about your career during times like these?

It’s a tall order. Unemployment is near record highs. Hiring is sluggish. And the triple whammy of continued economic volatility, civil unrest and COVID-19 has us all on edge. It’s no wonder that 72% of Americans say this is the lowest point in our country’s history that they can remember, according to the American Psychological Association.

The 4 Types of Creativity

Creativity is often pegged to those who are able to produce art such as paintings or songs or scripts, or who can skilfully dance or act. The thing is, whenever someone thinks about creativity, it’s either going to be something we learn or an inborn talent. Because of this, creativity is often assumed as something lateral, without really putting much credence as to what is behind the output that is usually the one given praise.

Starting A Business: Now’s The Time To Do It

Millions of people in our country face unemployment, and the reality is that a lot of those jobs may not come back. Sure, the pandemic and shelter-at-home orders have hurt businesses and employees alike. However, many companies have likely discovered in the process that they could lower expenses by operating remotely, in whole or in part. As one Upwork study (via Inc.) found:

How to Transition into Retirement

Shifting into retirement can be bumpy, but having a plan (or stumbling upon one) can make the switch smoother.

When Ruth Wooden was president and CEO of Public Agenda, a nonprofit research organization, she found herself dreaming at night that she was sitting in a classroom. At the time, Wooden, who had worked in advertising and public service for decades, was turning down offers to teach college courses about advertising. She wanted to do something else. Wooden decided to try teaching — about conflict resolution, not advertising. Once on campus, she realized that she really wanted to study, not teach.

The 5 Big Mistakes Boomers Make When Switching Careers

Many boomers want to change careers for a variety of reasons: to reduce stress; to learn something new; to follow their passion; to find a change of pace or to stay ahead financially. But it’s easy to make mistakes and overlook factors that are critical to changing careers effectively.

Build a Career As a Consultant in Retirement

The fastest growing segment of entrepreneurs is 50 years old or older. Learn what it takes to grow your own business.

Stan Kimer hadn’t planned on working after taking early retirement from IBM at age 55. He imagined filling his days with travel and volunteer service. But during a year of transitional coaching included in his retirement package, he decided to become an independent consultant. A decade later, he runs Total Engagement Consulting, a diversity and career development firm in Raleigh, N.C.