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10 Steps You Can Take To Define And Achieve Your Goals

Everyone has personal and professional goals in life. However, those objectives may be vague and abstract, like “get a promotion” or “start a business.”

The key to making your vision a reality is to concretely and specifically define what you want to do—“get promoted to department director” or “launch an Etsy shop,” for example—and then lay out a plan to get there.

Discovering Your Signature Strengths

I love my job. Love it. There are, of course, days like this one, when the 100-degree weather makes me want to bypass my office and head straight for the beach. For the most part, though, a day spent doing therapy is a day that fills me with deep satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

This New Retirement Trend Could Mean You Don't Need to Save as Much

New research sheds light on the relationship between spare time and happiness.

If your nest egg is unlikely to finance the senior lifestyle you've been hoping for, you may want to join the millions of older Americans who are redefining what "retirement" means.

Saving for retirement can be stressful, especially if you're running short on time and your nest egg isn't as large as you'd like. It's a common problem among Americans -- in fact, close to half of baby boomers have no retirement savings at all, according to a report from the Insured Retirement Institute.

How This Stay-At-Home-Mom Became A Part-Time Nonprofit Intrapreneur

Kristin Brauth was a successful risk management professional at Citigroup. She had been there for seven years and was committed to being a working parent. But after the birth of her son, Kristin recognized that she wanted to be using her skills to advance social impact, rather in the corporate banking sector. She got some training in social impact, sought out mentors in the space, and took on a variety of volunteer roles at organizations she thought might be great places to apply her skills. She zeroed in on the type of organization and role she was looking for, and negotiated an intellectually demanding, personally rewarding, flexible, part-time role at Start Small Think Big, one of the not-for-profit organizations that she had volunteered with.

Making plans to relocate for retirement? It’s time to get real

"Get past the fantasies and evaluate real life."

When Martha Powers and Larry Gomberg heard the news about Hurricane Florence bringing horrific winds and catastrophic flooding to Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2018, they grimaced.

More older women are returning to work, rebuilding savings and a professional identity

Erica Hernandez was a stay-at-home mom through two recessions that depleted her family’s retirement savings, forcing them into a frugal lifestyle that left little money for frills like dining out.

So in 2017, with her two children gearing up for college, she returned to the workforce after a 19-year hiatus – not as the public relations executive she had once been, but as an administrative assistant for a teachers union.

How These Entrepreneurs Are Pivoting in the Pandemic

Owners of a bakery, a midlifers' resort, a market and a film company flip the switch

The pandemic pivot is a stark reality for droves of older small business owners resolute to stay in business.