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As more retirees flee urban life, here’s what to know about retiring to a rural area

When I learned that rural areas, like the one where I live in the Ozarks, were experiencing an influx of retirees and others moving from the cities, I called a real-estate agent I knew and asked if that meant I might have an easier time selling my house this year.

Lessons from a real-life downsizing

Two years ago, my husband Bill and I bought a dream-come-true home in a senior living community. We were downsizing our possessions so we could upsize our lives. The timing was perfect, and I’d been a professional senior move manager for more than 20 years, helping other older adults downsize. What could go wrong?

Surviving Long-Term Job Loss in Your Later Years

COVID-19 has forced tens of millions of Americans to stay at home and isolate themselves. We have all discovered the struggles that come with not having a structure in our daily lives, or a place to go to each day. Many of us have felt depression take over as our lives are uprooted, time with friends eliminated and, in some cases, incomes lost. For some, however, this lifestyle is nothing new.

Over 50 and looking for a job? Here’s the smart way to pitch yourself

Wendy Marx has had five careers: social worker, newspaper reporter, marketer, PR entrepreneur and now career coach and reinvention expert. In this excerpt from her new book, “Thriving at 50+,” Marx explains why knowing how to tell your story can help you find work in midlife or find your next act.

What to Know Before Starting a Franchise Business

If the idea of starting a business after 50 — perhaps a part-time one in retirement — seems overwhelming, you're not alone. You might want to consider launching through a successful franchise operation, where you can follow in the footsteps of others who've done so already.

Your Midlife Crisis Is Calling, Or Not

We’ve all seen the stereotypical midlife crisis: the guy in the convertible, usually in his 40s or 50s, apparently making one desperate less grasp at a long-departed youth. We assume that the car was meant to impress, but sometimes all we see is something pathetic and wasteful. We also consider this midlife crisis inevitable–as much a part of aging as receding gums or expanding waistlines.

.Retirement: What Will Support Your Identity?

About ten years ago, my patient Gene retired as a professor of dramaturgy at a local university. That most people don’t know what dramaturgy is, or what dramaturges do, was part of why he left. “I was the intellectual in the theater department,” he told me. “But that made me obsolete.”