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While many are looking for work, some older workers are jumping at the chance for a new start

You probably heard: Meghan McCain is leaving ABC’s “The View” after nearly four years. Among her reasons for quitting is that COVID-19 “has changed the world for all of us,” she told the Guardian. “It’s changed the way I’m looking at my life, the way I’m living my life, the way I want my life to look like.”

Few of us have the net worth or name recognition of Meghan McCain, who’s 36. Yet her sentiment resonates among many who’ve worked throughout the pandemic, often tethered to their computers at home.

Do You Have "FOGO?" Taming the Fear of Getting Old

How common is the fear of getting old? So common that this fear even has its own acronym—FOGO, “Fear of Getting Old.” Although less catchy, the term “gerontophobia” is sometimes used to describe the same thing.

Get a Job in Retirement. It’ll Help Your Wealth—and Your Health.

After a 30-year career at Procter & Gamble, Francis Nelson Beebe was living his retirement dream—playing about 200 rounds of golf a year—before an epiphany.

“I was standing over a putt one day and I said, ‘I can’t do this for the rest of my life,’ ” the former logistics executive recalls.

For Beebe, who graduated from the Cordon Bleu culinary program after retiring from P&G, that has meant a second act as the baker and owner of Mr. Nelson’s Cookies. Five days a week, Beebe makes 24 batches of a dozen artisanal chocolate-chip cookies that he sells in packs of six or 12 over the internet or individually at farmer’s markets on weekends.

Retired but eager to resume part-time work? Here’s how to find the right gig

I recently retired from my corporate job and enjoyed being in the office each day. Financially, I am secure but I’m not ready to quit working altogether. I’m looking for a part-time job that will satisfy my desire to be around people while not overtaxing me. Any ideas for ideal part-time jobs?

As more retirees flee urban life, here’s what to know about retiring to a rural area

When I learned that rural areas, like the one where I live in the Ozarks, were experiencing an influx of retirees and others moving from the cities, I called a real-estate agent I knew and asked if that meant I might have an easier time selling my house this year.

Don’t be afraid of failures in retirement

All your life, you’ve likely done your best not to fail at things. And once you’re in your long career, you need to avoid regular failures if you want to be promoted, get more interesting work and earn more money, perks and benefits.

Are You Struggling With a Major Change in Life?

A few years ago, during spring advising at Santa Clara University, when students choose their courses for the next year, Ellen, a graduating senior, shyly knocked at my office door, asking for an advising appointment. “But you’re graduating in a few days,” I said, “You don’t need to come in for advising.”

4 Lessons This Crisis Can Teach Clients About Retirement

Many investors have become worried about the future of their retirement plans during this pandemic. Between health concerns, the volatility of the stock market and forced isolation, it’s safe to say that there has been both reason and opportunity to question what our future in retirement might look like.

It’s important to realize that while we have not faced anything quite like the COVID-19 virus before, we have faced health concerns, market volatility and isolation — albeit not at the same time. Everyone has experience that they can lean on to get through the components of this crisis. Clients should see this as an opportunity to learn four key lessons about retirement: