"This workshop (Finding Purpose and Passion) was a great jump start for my tomorrow."  -Jean P.

"I appreciate the openness of the instructor and participants (Finding Purpose and Passion).  I appreciate being provided the necessary tools and a step-by-step process."

"I feel much better prepared to address a risk/reward situation than when I came into the workshop (Courage, Risks, and Rewards).  It was helpful to discuss the reasons why we often don't take risks." -Jim M.

"Before this course (Discover Your Talents) I only focused on fixing my weaknesses, but now I understand that building off of your strengths is just as important, if not more important.  This class helped me understand my strengths and how to effectively use them to improve my life."  -Nick M.

"I enjoyed the personal aspect; hearing everyone's strengths enriched my understanding of my own strengths."  -Susan P.

"This (Discover Your Talents class) really opened my eyes to where my strengths are and gave me the gumption to take steps forward." Shono P.

"This workshop was both informative and practical.  It really helped me move toward finding and living my purpose and passion. "  -C.B.

"Interesting workshop to begin insight into next chapter."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session.  The information was valuable, informative, and inspiring.  Handouts are valuable."  -Mary V.

"Nice to know others are looking for help with the Third Chapter.  A big help in allowing me to focus on core beliefs." -Mitch S.

"Loved it! Really gave me some insights into my purpose and passions."  -Traci D.

"This workshop (Finding Purpose and Passion) helped me to identify how my passions relate to my talents and values.  Being able to put that on paper allowed me to visualize some first steps to put into action."  -Dave M.

"This seminar (Finding Purpose and Passion) really helps bring random thoughts and ideas into focus.  It helped me to create an action plan."

"The Finding Purpose and Passion workshop helped me to feel like I am not alone,  I liked the group conversations."  -Anita G.

" Finding Purpose and Passion in the Third Chapter was a great starting point for me in finding my way...I just started the process and it was very motivating."  - Susan D.

"Finding Purpose and Passion in the Third Chapter workshop gets the participants to challenge their thinking about what they want to do with their future career."  -Jim M.

" I wanted to learn how Strengthsfinder 2.0 is used especially in talent development and career strategies.  The workshop met my expectations and provided input that I could pursue further exploration.   As usual, Carol has a great teaching style.  I have taken another workshop she gave and was able to use the info from that workshop over the years.  Look forward to other areas of development and insight from her in future workshops."  -Jane K.

"I thought I knew what my strengths were, but I enjoyed learning more,  going more in-depth, and being more introspective with myself." - Helga H.

"This course (Finding Passion and Purpose in the 3rd Chapter) should be a requirement for everyone every 10 years! Valuable for all ages.  Especially good for about-to-retire/just-retired."   -Ann  Marie F.

"Now, I can recognize qualities in me as 'strengths' (Discover Your Talent Workshop) that I previously thought of things that were 'just me'.  The material gives me a new appreciation for who I am and a greater understanding of who others are."  -Julie S.

"'This class (Discover Your Talents) provides a format for self-evaluation.  It will enable you to identify your strengths and talents and teach you how to apply them to your personal life and career.  It gives you a new perspective on interacting with others."  -Mary W.

"I really liked the Value Sort and the Skills Identification exercises.  The most important realization is the Renewal cycle and that there was a name or phase I could put to what I was feeling.   Now I have the hope of being able to find my way." -Debbie

"The Re-imagining Your Life Now workshop feels like a 'kick-start' launching pad for individual action to commence.  Thanks, Carol for great insights, knowledge, and support!"  Kate J.

"The Re-imagining Your Life Now workshop helped me to focus many of my thoughts and ideas about what my next phase will look like.  I really appreciate how much Carol values each student's comments and contributions to the class discussion."-Linda B.

" The insights I have gained into how to find my next career were valuable.  The energy of learning together was inspiring and specific ideas were identified.  I now have the resources to move forward.  Your wonderful, caring, and supportive personality shined throughout this workshop, Carol."  Ester K.

“I really enjoyed your workshop, by the way, I feel I came away with lots of new things to think about, effective techniques for the thinking process, and a wealth of resources to consult. Thank you again!” -KB

“Thank you for being that beacon in the storm. Having you as an instructor helped me to see that learning is life-long.” -Juanita Blackshear

“I have told several people about the class as it was a catalyst for my decision to develop the creative side of my brain after years of primarily working on the analytical side. I have taken several art classes through the “CC” and hope to actually earn the right to call myself an artist in 2012.” -John Hanson

“Carol is a very warm and encouraging coach. She was very helpful as I worked on developing my own consulting business, providing support and encouragement throughout the process. She offered many good techniques for managing my workload and my time, encouraging me to build in time for myself, which s so easy to overlook. She always reminded me of the strengths I brought to my situation when I tended to focus on the obstacles I faced or the deficits I say in my skills or myself. I highly recommend Carol as a coach. She was a delight to work with and I looked forward to our time together.” -Barbara. A.

"I want you to know how helpful your coaching sessions have been for me. I appreciate your careful listening and ability to bring me back to the purpose and goa' I have for my work. It’s wonderful to have your supportive feedback and encouraging suggestions. You remind me to be patient when I’m impatient with myself while helping me to move forward with optimism. I have found our sessions so very helpful and rejuvenating. Thanks so much."  -Rhonda L.

"In July of 2011, I attended the “Plus 50: Re-Inspired Workshop” at Meramec Community College which was presented by Ms. Carol Watkins. As a recent retiree, I found that I needed some direction as to what to do with the rest of my life. At the workshop, Carol presented valuable material to consider as well as a wealth of reference material. As a result of the workshop, I feel that I have gained some much-needed insight as to the future direction that I want my life to take. I continue to consult with Carol periodically and foresee doing so into the foreseeable future."  R.F.

"I am so excited to find out and ' validate'  that we are a pioneer sector of society - not the 'old retirement model'.  It is exciting to find out I am not alone.'"  -Sue L.

"I recently attended the Plus 5o Re-Inspired Workshop at STLCC as taught by Carol Watkins.  It has provided me with the tools and the steps required to develop a plan for the second half of my life.  I have identified the top 3 areas on the Wheel of Life that I would like to see improvement.  I have decided to explore Non-Profits to find Volunteer opportunities that may eventually transition into paid career opportunities.  Carol has been a great source of inspiration and encouragement in this endeavor."  -Bob K.