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How to Launch an Intergenerational Small Business in Midlife

When Jordan Taylor was a kid, going into the office with her mother, Edith Cooper, "was the biggest treat," says Taylor, now 30. "Partially because the coffee machine was so much fun to play with." Cooper, now 59, spent two decades at Goldman Sachs, most recently as senior director and global head of human capital management. She now serves on the boards of Slack and Etsy.

Many factors play role in determining if 'early retirement' is the right plan

Atlanta professionals discuss the many factors involved in the "early retirement" option.

How to Pitch Your Startup to Attract Money

You may be surprised to hear it, but there's never been a better time to pitch your startup. And for that, you can thank the pandemic.

Entrepreneurship is being driven by massive layoffs and the realization by savvy business people and mature corporate veterans that the crisis also offers opportunities. Nimble startups and new ventures are seizing upon once-in-a-generation changes in trends and consumer habits with extraordinary potential.

Struggling With a Transition? Time to Change Your Approach

Ed has just retired after 30 years. After cleaning up all those home projects, he's struggling with what to do next. Carly is going through a terrible divorce. Peter has graduated from college and is still trying to land a good job.

These are life transitions. Difficult yet normal times in the course of our lives. They can feel like a ton of bricks hitting you at once, or that you are walking through a fog unsure of what is ahead or where you are going. How do I close this chapter of my life? What is ahead? And not knowing or feeling unsure, the feeling that you are walking on unfamiliar and unsteady ground becomes its own problem

Retirees' Guide to Do’s and Don’ts of Business Partnerships

When first cousins Peter Guidi, 60, and JJ Mokarzel, 62, decided to launch a bourbon company, Joe Louis Spirits, in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, they each drew from experiences with prior partnerships to structure their business. Both men knew they needed to be equally committed to the venture’s success but bring complementary skills to the table.

Planning for a Non-Traditional Family (Which Is Probably Yours)

What do you think of when you hear the word “family”? In the past, many would think of the historical “traditional” family, with opposite-sex parents who have only been married to each other and have one or more healthy and thriving children who are under age 18 that are biologically related to both parents and living at home. In reality, though, families in the U.S. are far more diverse and complex, and the traditional family is not as prevalent as we might think.

Finding a Sense of Purpose in Retirement

In my January column, I promised to respond to a request from reader Michael Brletich. After two years of an enjoyable retirement, “my sense of purpose remains elusive,” Brletich writes. “I would appreciate any insight you might have about finding one’s sense of purpose in retirement.”

How to Raise Money for a New Business These Days

Before Dawn Kelly, 58, launched her quick-serve restaurant The Nourish Spot in Queens, N.Y. in 2017, she had been downsized from a corporate public relations job. She needed to figure out a way to continue working but was unsure about almost every aspect of setting up and running a business.