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It’s Time to Change How We Talk about ‘Retirement,’ Starting with the Word Itself

Kevin and Sara were a young couple in their early 30s passionate about the outdoor lifestyle and living life to the fullest. They had reached a point where they were ready to engage with a professional financial adviser to help guide them through their life full of future adventures. p>

Why being kind to others is good for your health

Newspapers started writing about Betty Lowe when she was 96 years old. Despite being long past retirement age, she was still volunteering at a cafe at Salford Royal Hospital in Greater Manchester, UK, serving coffee, washing dishes and chatting to patients. Then Lowe turned 100. “Still volunteers at hospital”, the headlines ran. Then she reached 102 and the headlines declared: “Still volunteering”. The same again when she turned 104. Even at 106, Lowe would work at the cafe once a week, despite her failing eyesight.

Why Is Something as Important as Purpose So Hard to Find?

I went to private schools from the age of 6 and to top universities until I was 25. I emerged a medical doctor with an MBA, but I did not know my purpose.

I was not aware, at the time, of what was driving me, why I was never fully satisfied with my career choices and the work I was doing. I felt the desperate need to leave clinical practice before my medical career had even begun.

Is There Life After Medicine?

M y group of nephrologists is trying to convince our 75-year-old colleague to retire from full-time clinical practice. I think he truly believes that the day he retires, his essence will be forcibly removed from his body, and he will cease to exist. He has told me, more than once, that he will be dead in less than a year if he is forced to stop being a physician. I envisioned this type of machismo was very old-school thinking, but may be not. Modern doctors strive for a better balance of work and life, but do you ever really stop being a physician?

You're Hired! (But for Much Less)

As we begin 2021, the Indeed Hiring Lab reports that the U.S. labor market has recovered more than half the jobs lost during the pandemic. That's great. Still, if you're a job seeker 55+, finding work (especially jobs and gigs that pay well) remains a challenge.

Are Meaningful Daily Activities Linked to Well-Being?

Well-being is an important and popular topic; indeed, I have previously written about various ways to promote well-being—purchasing experiences vs. things, nurturing character strengths, not thinking of time as money, etc.

Another way to achieve well-being is to engage in meaningful activities. In today’s post, I review an article published in the November-December 2020 issue of The Journal of Positive Psychology, in which Hooker and colleagues discuss the importance of meaningful activities for mental health and psychological well-being.

The Power of Relationships As We Age

Key Points: • More Americans are living past the age of 65 than ever before, and living past 85 is increasingly common too.

• It's easy to see old age as a time of depression, isolation, and ill health, but such negative outcomes are far from inevitable.

• Maintaining physical and mental health is key for healthy aging—but it need not be taken on alone.

• Prioritizing social relationships—by volunteering, finding new hobbies, and safely meeting up with friends—can help stave off cognitive decline, loneliness, and mental health challenges.

5 Advantages Older Workers Have Over Other Job Candidates

Jobs from food service, to office administrative support, to farming, fishing and forestry are entering an era when technology is doing work once done only by human beings. According to a 2019 report from management consulting firm Marsh and McLennan, older workers are actually doing jobs that are, on average, 52% automatable.